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War of the Jade Zodiac Turn-3 Recap thru 6/29

Turn #3 Campaign Action – thru June 29th

  • MONTH = DARKENNA (benefits worshippers of Mordeus)



A Warlord was randomly selected, but not the Warlord whose kingdom is favored this month (which is Queen Sefertooti who worships Mordeus). THORVIAL BRIGHTSPEAR was selected as the affected Warlord.

THORVIAL rolled on the “Red Sun Events Table” to see what unfortunate event happened to him and his kingdom. The result of INDECISIVE meant that THORVIAL cannot perform any actions during the Campaign Actions Phase this turn. It could have been worse, but it means that THORVIAL will not be able to put down the rebellion that’s occurring in his land of LOTHMIRIEL.

(B) SPECIAL EVENT  =  EXTREME HEAT (4 of Diamonds)

This event was drawn by GLORT, but affects all Warlords equally.

Troops must deal with extreme heat during field battles this turn (see Weather Effects Table in the Sword of Severnia rules to see what effect the HIGH HEAT has on visibility, command radius, movement, and fighting actions). For online Dwarfnuckle battles, the SPEED stat for each army is HALVED (rounded down) and the 3 of Any Suit (CHARGE) has no effect in Extreme Heat.              


  1. GLORT = spends 1 Glory to increase his Siege Train by +1. Current RUT SIEGE Strength = 2.
  2. THORVIAL BRIGHTSPEAR = Stricken by the malaise of the Red Days, the indecisive Thorvial doesn’t perform any campaign actions this turn. As a result of his inaction, Thorvial was not able to squash the uprising in the sylvan lands of LOTHMIRIEL and loses this 3 LP Land to the unruly rebels (it becomes a Neutral Land).  
  3. QUEEN SEFERTOOTI = sends out a masked Assassin to kill Slash the Reptilian Lord. The sneaky assassination succeeds and RUT is now down 1 Leader. Was this assassination revenge for the killing of Queen Sefertooti’s husband, King Rama Rumm I, by GLORT’s vile forces? Hmmm.   
  4. KELTHA HELLBRINGER = spends 2 Glory to quell the revolt that was occurring in WODESSA. This land is now stable again. Rumor has it that scores of decapitated rebel heads, impaled on pikes, line the twisted pathway to Hellbringer’s private mansion located just outside the capital city of Sharmok.   

We rolled to find a Replacement Leader for the assassinated Slash the Reptilian Lord. The replacement LORD is Legendary, a Capable quality leader, and has 1 Special Power (Wally may select either a Leader Power or Special Power to assign to this new Lord).   


  1. GLORT = Raided CASTLEWAIN (controlled by Thorvial Brightspear), looting an ancient tomb and acquiring jewels and the magical Jug of the Eternal Wellspring. This fabulous haul nets the realm of RUT +2 Glory points.       
  2. THORVIAL BRIGHTSPEAR = Raids BLATT’S CONE to retaliate for GLORT’s raid on his land. Unfortunately, the raid is unsuccessful. The Eastern Scarnish Alliance loses 1 Regiment of Regulars and loses 1 Glory point.  
  3. QUEEN SEFERTOOTI = Raided TROON (controlled by GLORT), but the night-time raid is an utter failure. Turkopolonia loses 2 Regiments (1 Regular, 1 Veteran), loses 2 Glory points, and loses 1 Aggression Dice in the process. Ouch!    

Seeing his enemies’ string of failures, KELTHA HELLBRINGER chooses not to participate in any raids this turn.  

4 – BATTLES    


  • 3 Dice spent by Thorvial Brightspear     
  • 1 Dice spent by Queen Sefertooti 
  • 0 Dice spent by GLORT
  • 0 Dice spent by Keltha Hellbringer   

GLORT and Keltha Hellbringer each gain 1 Aggression Dice since they didn’t spend any dice this turn.

Current campaign-to-date running totals AFTER this are:

  • 9 = GLORT
  • 9 = Keltha Hellbringer
  • 7 = Thorvial Brightspear  
  • 5 = Queen Sefertooti   ** includes 1 dice lost in the failed Raid 


  • 2 Dice were drawn for THORVIAL BRIGHTSPEAR.
  • BRIGHTSPEAR chooses to attack GLORT (RUT) in a FIELD BATTLE in land of SUDRA (2 LP).
  • Because both dice were drawn for Thorvial Brightspear, his army makes a powerful attack this campaign turn, fielding an army of 2500 AP instead of the usual 2000 AP.  



  • ATTACKING Warlord is Thorvial Brightspear. He gains 2 Glory.
  • DEFENDING Warlord is GLORT. He gains 2 Glory
  • Queen Sefertooti offers Allied Assistance to Thorvial Brightspear, providing 1 Brigade as well as providing the Reserves force. She gains 2 Glory
  • Keltha Hellbringer offers Allied Assistance to GLORT, providing 1 Brigade. He gains 1 Glory
  • Thorvial + his Allies field an army of 2500 AP.
  • GLORT + his Allies field an army of 2000 AP.
  • This is a HOLD THE BRIDGE scenario on a battlefield featuring a Mountain and Bridge.  
  • Since the battle is taking place during the Days of the Red Sun when the lands of Severnia are buzzing with magical energy, both armies gain +1 MAGIC in their Dwarfnuckle stat profile.
  • Since the battle occurs in Extreme Heat, both armies have their SPEED halved (fractions rounded down) and the 3 card of any suit (CHARGE) has no effect during this battle.       



  • This battle saw the Eastern Scarnish Alliance army, led by General Thorvial Brightspear, invade the Reptilian controlled land of Sudra in an effort to reclaim it for the Blood Allies.
  • The RUT army, led by the cold-blooded GLORT, assembled its forces at the Old Brass Bridge that spans a peaceful river flowing by a mystical palace nestled within the South Sudra Mountains.
  • GLORT was joined in his defense by a small allied contingent of Beldarthian warriors, while Thorvial Brightspear was aided by a larger force from Queen Sefertooti’s Turkopolonian army. 

Battle of Old Brass Bridge: Day 33 of Darkenna

  • This was another online Dwarfnuckle battle, as we haven’t returned to live gaming yet.
  • Eastern Scarnish Alliance army won the battle, which lasted 6 Turns.
  • Eastern Scarnish Alliance conquered the province of SUDRA (2 LP) and adds that land to its set of Land cards.  
  • Final Score: Eastern Scarnish Alliance + Allies = 18, RUT + Allies = 13.   
  • RUT + Allies lost 4 Units.
  • Eastern Scarnish Alliance + Allies lost 3 Units.   
  • Margin of Victory (18-to-13) is less than 2-to-1, resulting in a NARROW victory (2 Glory Points awarded to THORVIAL and 1 Glory Point for SEFERTOOTI).


  • Thanks to highly magical armies coupled with the influence of the Days of the Red Sun, the armies wore each other down by exchanging deadly blasts of offensive magic.
  • Midway through the battle, General Thorvial Brightspear’s trusted Henchman stepped in front of a well-aimed reptilian spear and saved the Warlord from an inglorious death.   
  • Neither army focused on rallying away its Fatigue, with Thorvial’s force making just one successful 3-point rally during the battle.
  • Despite superior strength, the ESA & Allied army could not land a knock-out punch to the resilient reptilians.
  • At the end of Turn 6, the wavering army of RUT and its allies took a nod from a reluctant GLORT, scaly tail between his legs, and retired from the battlefield to live and fight another day.  
  • It was another closely fought battle which could have gone either way.   



  • From RUT Army: Thorg (Greater Demons, Brutes, Elite) were ROUTED.
  • From RUT Army: Rhyno Rhyder (Demon Lord, Brutes, Vet) were ROUTED.
  • From RUT Army: Karen (Demon Slaves, Brutes, Vet) were ROUTED.
  • From RUT Army: Lollypunch Guild (Demon Slaves, Brutes, Vet) were ROUTED.
  • From ESA Army: Blades of Heartstone Keep (Falernians, Heavy Infantry, Vet) were KILLED.
  • From ESA Army: Arrows of the Red Sand (Sons of Set, Heavy Archers, Vet) were KILLED.
  • From ESA Army: Dust Legion Alpha (Skeletons, Horde, Green) were ROUTED.


  • No rostered characters were Killed. However, a Henchman from the ESA army valiantly saved his Warlord from death. Long shall his name be remembered in the elven halls of honor!
Drulanna the Red — long may he be remembered in the Elven Halls of Honor!



  • From RUT Army: Thorg (Greater Demons, Brutes, Elite) were Routed off the battlefield but have stayed with the army.       
  • From RUT Army: Karen (Demon Slaves, Brutes, Vet) were Routed off the battlefield but have stayed with the army.      
  • From RUT Army: Lollypunch Guild (Demon Slaves, Brutes, Vet) were Routed off the battlefield but have stayed with the army.      


  • Since every Warlord participated in the Field Battle, everyone can RECRUIT from 2 LAND cards this turn. Remember — it’s TWO (2) cards, not three like it was in earlier turns.            

Battle of Forked Road

Here’s a brief recap of The Battle of Forked Road, the Turn-2 field battle that occurred between the realms of Beldarthia (attacker) and Turkopolonia (defender).


  • +2 Glory Points to Keltha Hellbringer (Primary Attacker)
  • +2 Glory Points to King Rama Rumm I (Primary Defender)
  • +1 Glory Points to GLORT (Allied Assistance of 1 Brigade)
  • +1 Glory Points to Thorvial Brightspear (Allied Assistance of 1 Brigade)    


The Battle of Forked Road (Day 2 of Primessa, Severnia Time)

This battle saw Keltha Hellbringer’s Beldarthian army marching back into Spirit Wood with the intent of reclaiming the besieged territory he lost earlier this year to King Rama Rumm I. The Turkopolonian army was defending a northern crossroads, along with an Elven Brigade from the Eastern Scarnish Alliance. Beldarthia’s attacking force included an Allied contingent of scaly humanoids hailing from the lands of RUT. 

The battle was resolved by playing a game of Dwarfnuckle online.


  • Army of Turkopolonia won the battle, which lasted 8 Turns.
  • Turkopolonia retains control of the province of SPIRIT WOOD (2 LP).
  • Final Score: Turkopolonia & Allies = 18, Beldarthia & Allies = 13.   
  • Beldarthia & Allies lost 4 Units.
  • Turkopolonia & Allies lost 1 Unit.   
  • The Margin of Victory (18 to 13) was less than a 2-to-1 ratio, which resulted in a NARROW victory (earning 2 Glory Points for KING RAMA RUMM’s realm and 1 Glory Point for THORVIAL BRIGHTSPEAR’s realm).     


  • While the forces of chaos landed some telling combat blows, more than anything else, the loss of key characters and powerful magic ruled the day. 
  • Potent spells cast by Elven Magician Severus the Sly and Mummy Priest Zin-Jin Zaroo walloped the attacking Beldarthians.
  • Early in the battle, Copperfield, an allied Goblin Magician who was recently recruited into the RUT army during a Gathering of Wizards conclave, met his untimely death thanks to a well placed elven arrow through the lung.
  • Neither side was effective at rallying away their Fatigue. Particularly disappointing in that respect was Zin-Jin Zaroo’s lack of prayerful intercession; the mummy’s supposed “Legendary Priest” powers utterly fizzled.    
  • The most awe-shocking moment of the battle was certainly the death of King Rama Rumm. The circumstances of the ancient Pharaoh’s battlefield demise are shrouded in mystery. Assuredly the bards of Severnia will have a story to tell. 
  • In the end, with the army morale of both sides teetering on the brink of disaster, the dark forces of chaos finally broke and the Beldarthian army and its allies fled the battlefield. It took an astounding 8 army morale tests over the last 2 Turns to break them.
  • It was an engaging, closely fought battle with major campaign repercussions.  



  • Beldarthia: Hounds of Fury (Hellhounds, Light Cavalry, Reg) were KILLED.  
  • Turkopolonia: Stone Thrower (Shahrez, Artillery, Reg) were KILLED.


  • RUT: Copperfield (Major, Goblin, Magician) was KILLED.  
  • Turkopolonia: King Rama Rumm (Legendary, Shahrez, General / Superior) was KILLED.


  • Beldarthia: Green Flingers (Orcs, Artillery, Reg) were Routed off the battlefield but have stayed with the army.       
  • Beldarthia: Spears of Wodessa (Black Elves, Heavy Infantry, Reg) were Routed off the battlefield but have stayed with the army.      
  • RUT: Gecko Squad Red (Geckuanas, Heavy Archers, Vet) were Routed off the battlefield but have stayed with the army.      


  • Reeling from the loss of their Warlord, the Turkopolonia army acquired a replacement GENERAL: quality = LEGENDARY, class = CAPABLE, having 1 SPECIAL POWER.
  • This GENERAL is the new WARLORD of Turkopolonia. Her name is Sefertooti, Queen of the Desert (Rama Rumm’s strong-willed wife).     

-Faithfully reported by Einar, the Fat Bard of Vela

Dribs & Drabs

Life is getting a little better around here now that we’re vaccinated. Yet still, I haven’t played a live face-to-face game with friends for 16 months. To say that I’m in “gaming withdrawal” isn’t fair to that phrase. I’m way beyond withdrawal. It’s bordering on abandonment.

Hopefully, I can get a few of the guys together soon for some live gaming. Until then, my tabletop gaming world won’t feel anywhere close to normal.

Campaign on the Brain

Fortunately, the Harrisburg Hacking Hobgoblins, the foursome that periodically plays miniature wargames in my game-loft, finally launched our fantasy wargaming campaign. The War of the Jade Zodiac campaign is underway online and via email, and we’re having a good time with it so far. It feels great to playtest Version 2.0 of my Crown of Severnia campaign rules and see them in action. These are a huge improvement over my earlier version of the rules, which played too much like a beefy board wargame if I’m being honest.

Painting Progress

My painting progress has stalled since April, which was right before my Mom got very ill and eventually died. I haven’t picked up a paintbrush for over 2 months. I mentally checked out for a while and just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to do it. Part of the reason is because my unpainted figure backlog is daunting. And I wasn’t ready for anything daunting. I’m hopefully starting to realize that I should just relax and enjoy the process, take small steps, and don’t get overwhelmed by the big Lead Mountain. Keep it FUN and don’t make it feel like WORK. I think I’m ready to ease back into it.

Hidden Figures

One of the reasons that I have a Lead Mountain is because I don’t have enough willpower to regularly resist buying beautiful figures when they catch my eye. I think “ooh, I really want to paint those beauties and use them in [insert game here]”. Just about every veteran wargamer can relate to this problem; it’s part of an underlying disease that affects our brains.

I’m calmly waiting for these Kickstarters to eventually come in and add to my Lead Mountain:

  • Valkyries & Gods (9 figures) — Valhalla Miniatures
  • Pig Faced Orcs (20 figures) — DragonBait Miniatures
  • Goblins (Command, Wolfriders, and Ballistas) — Troll Trader
  • Astroguards (Astroguard, Dronetrooper, Necronauts squads) — Star Schlock

Unlike some folks, I’m never in any rush to get new figures. I already have too many. But these, oh these beauties will be just… well… well you know the drill.

SAGA Age of Magic

I truly enjoy traditional SAGA for Dark Ages wargaming. It’s a very well designed game and it provides you with interesting “gamey” decisions which so many other miniature wargames fail to achieve.

So it’s probably no surprise that as a dyed in the wool fantasy wargamer, SAGA Age of Magic really piqued my interest when it was announced a couple of years ago. After reading many reviews and listening to podcasts about it, my enthusiasm waned a bit. Not because it’s a bad game or got any bad reviews. Rather, I just felt it seemed a bit lackluster in the fantasy chrome and pizzazz that I want in a fantasy wargame.

Let’s face it, there’s a big difference in the fantasy feel of old-school Warhammer Fantasy Battle versus a game such as Hordes of the Things. WHFB is chock full of chrome, whereas HOTT is a rather bland fantasy. Mind you, I’m not talking about the game play or fiddliness of these respective wargames, just the THEMATIC ELEMENTS of them.

Anyway, it’s not easy to design a fun fantasy wargame that plays smoothly & offers many interesting tactical decisions, but also immerses you in a colorful, fantastic theme. I should know, I’ve been working on a game just like that for 15 years. Perhaps that’s what held me back from picking up SAGA Age of Magic. I already have Sword of Severnia as my go-to fantasy battle game, so did I really need to invest money in another system that I won’t play as often?

But that nagging feeling of “but I really like SAGA, this could be a fun diversion” kept nagging at the back of my mind. It’s a faster playing “warband sized” game, similar to Dragon Rampant, so it fills a different niche anyway. So yeah, I finally saw it for a fair price on eBay and I bought it. It just got delivered this past weekend. I need to tear off the shrink and give it a look.

Liking Too Many Things

As I grow older and my interests and collection of stuff keeps expanding, I find myself more overwhelmed than I’ve ever been. Liking too many things will be the death of me.

I’m one of those people who can throw themselves into a writing project, a design project, a software development project, etc., and plunge into a zone of concentration where everything else in the world becomes irrelevant. I’m usually most happy when I’m in that zone. I enjoy being focused.

So why is it then, that I like so many different things? Why is it that I find myself going down rabbit holes looking at different types of games, books, art, movies, jokes, FaceBook groups, eBay postings, YouTube videos, etc? That lack of focus is counter-intuitive to the thing that makes me the most happy.

We live in the Information Age where it’s so damn easy to learn out about something new just by surfing around on the web. You dig through link after link and stumble upon something cool and before you know it, you’ve subscribed to a YouTube channel, ordered a book, or bought a product related to that thing which just last week, you knew next to nothing about.

I’m slowly coming to grips with the idea that I need to STOP IT. Curiosity is not a horrible thing, but when it spins out of control and drains your mental energy, leaving you feeling defeated because you just can’t possibly keep up with it all, then it’s bad.

For my own mental health, I need to pick a few FOCUS areas and focus, focus, focus. That might mean organizing & scheduling my Free Time so it’s less of a free-for-all. That might mean looking at FaceBook, YouTube, and blogs less often. That might mean giving away or selling off things I haven’t touched in years so there’s less Mind Clutter (not to mention home clutter).

For my readers, how do YOU deal with this? Do you suffer from liking too many things? Are you overwhelmed by the hobby sometimes? How do you maintain your focus? Please leave a comment if you get a chance, I would LOVE to hear from you.

Cooking with Scrumpwench

Back in the early ages of Severnia, before humans became more civilized, people used to cook all kinds of savory dishes. Most of these involved smashing squirrels and rats with large rocks, and then tossing them into a boiling pot along with whatever herbs were on hand. Easy. Okay, maybe not always super easy if the squirrel got pissed and tried to chew your face off, but still easier than trying to clobber something like a black bear to death.

The biggest problem cooks had in those days was that they never wrote anything down. They would throw together random ingredients and stumble upon something tasty, but they could never replicate the dish.

It was during those early days that a coven of old white-haired hags had an epiphany. As one of the few groups of people who had their own formal, written language, the hags had been writing down magical recipes for years. It wasn’t a huge leap of intellect for someone to realize they should be recording their meals in a journal as well. That someone was Scrumpwench, a hunchbacked witch whose twisted face made every ordinary camel look like it should be on the cover of Vogue.

Scrumpwench’s moment of enlightenment went beyond just writing down the coven’s recipes. She was going to assemble them into a cookbook and sell them. After all, everyone loved Mistress Suzzapox’s Eye of Newt Casserole, why not share the recipe and make a buck off it?

And that’s how Olde Scrumpwench’s Journal of Fancy Cookery came to be the first known cookbook to find its way onto the kitchen tables of the Severnian people.

Speaking of recipes… It seems there’s a sudden spate of them being bandied about by the bards who are travelling with the army caravans marching across Severnia. Since sharing is caring, let’s see what’s cooking!

Elf Roast

The following recipe was brought to you by GLORT’s personal chef, Emeril Sogassy:

  • 1 medium sized elf
  • 8 small yellow onion, finely diced 
  • 6 watermelon radishes
  • 4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 4 teaspoons chipotle powder or pimenton de la vera
  • 2 cup ketchup
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon cider vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons Worchestershire sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Liquid Elf Smoke (optional)

Charred Lizard

The following recipe was found in the Field Guide to Severnian Flora & Fauna, a renowned tome written by the legendary sylvan elf wizard, Tallowgem the Uncanny:

    • Any lizard
    1. Skewer lizard on spear
    2. Cast fireball

War of the Jade Zodiac Turn-2 Recap thru 5/28

Here’s a brief recap of the Turn-2 happenings as noted from the May 28th Zoom session:


  • SIEGE GUNS (King Clubs) = King Rama Rumm acquired Black Devils bombards, gaining +2 to his Siege Train strength. Current Turkopolonia SIEGE strength = 4.  
Boom Boom Boom


  1. KELTHA HELLBRINGER = spends 1 Glory to increase his Siege Train strength by +1. Current Beldarthia SIEGE strength = 2.
  2. GLORT = spends 2 Glory to perform a Diplomatic Conversion action, converting the gnomish land of OLDE FOSLO (2 LP) to a vassal state of RUT.   
  3. THORVIAL BRIGHTSPEAR = spends 5 Glory to perform a Kingdom Building action, using charismatic political influence to convince SMARRUNION (5 LP) to become the realm’s capital city.
  4. KING RAMA RUMM = spends 2 Glory to perform a Diplomatic Conversion action, converting the shady province of YORN (1 LP) into a vassal state of Turkopolonia.  
Lots of diplomacy this turn. As Ambassador Rogers said, “Won’t you be my vassal?”


  1. KING RAMA RUMM = raided an ancient tomb in BLATT’S CONE, obtaining gold & gems and a legendary artifact (Ring of Shaman Okcubi). Rama Rumm gains 2 Glory and is pleased.  
  2. KELTHA HELLBRINGER = raids the land of LOTHMIRIEL, burning an elven village to the ground. Hellbringer gains 1 Glory. A chaotic revolt erupts in LOTHMIRIEL, which will need to be quelled during the Turn-3 Campaign Phase or else this fair wooded land will be lost (becoming a Neutral land).
  3. THORVIAL BRIGHTSPEAR = keeping up with the scorched earth policy, a raiding party sweeps across WODESSA, burning a greenskin village to the ground. Brightspear gains 1 Glory. The angry clans in WODESSA revolt which must be quelled during the Turn-3 Campaign Phase or else this war-torn land will be lost.

GLORT opted to not participate in any raids this turn. Lizards have to rest sometimes.  


  • KING RAMA RUMM spends 2 Aggression Dice.
  • KELTHA HELLBRINGER spends 1 Aggression Dice.
  • Neither of the other Warlords spend any dice. As a result, GLORT and THORVIAL BRIGHTSPEAR each gain 1 Aggression Dice this turn.        

Rama Rumm’s dice is drawn first, so he acts first this phase, followed by Hellbringer.  


  • KING RAMMA RUMM = besieges SPIRIT WOOD (2 LP, DEF = 6), conquering this mysterious land by putting the Black Devils to good use. Rama Rumm gains 1 Glory and claims SPIRIT WOOD (2 LP).


  • KELTHA HELLBRINGER = declares war on KING RAMA RUMM in an attempt to retake the lost province of SPIRIT WOOD (2 LP), which was conquered earlier this turn during a SIEGE.
  • This is battle will be a SMACK DOWN + OUTFLANKERS scenario, that takes place at a Crossroads within Spirit Wood.   
  • This is a straight match-up of 2000 AP armies, which will be played out online via a game of Dwarfnuckle.   


  • Both the Attacking and Defending Warlords asked for ALLIED ASSISTANCE in the battle, and it was promised by their partnering Warlords.
  • Exact AP values of the Brigades provided is TBD.  

  -Faithfully reported by Einar, the Fat Bard of Vela