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Quick Hits: June 2022

Today’s post takes a quick peek at some games, miniatures, and accessories that have caught my attention over the past two weeks. I always enjoy sharing my discoveries with fellow gamers. So let’s get right to it…


I’m a big fan of area-control and battle games. I love games with a dark ages or medieval theme. I’m a sucker for games with beautiful art & components and great table presence. Bretwalda, a new game project by Phalanx Games that’s currently running on Gamefound, ticks all the boxes for me.

But there are so many dudes-on-a-map games out there, I’m reluctant to buy into another one that doesn’t bring anything new to the table. So, what makes Bretwalda any different from the run of the mill game of this style? Looking at the reviews, a couple of cool things stood out. The factions are asymmetrical (with different powers). Seasonal random events occur, plus Danish invaders can mess with everybody, which adds a layer of surprise and suspense that I love. The map that the factions are vying over is tight, almost circular, which prevents turtling and triggers more fighting. I also like that there’s an aspect of diplomacy in this game, which is refreshing.

I haven’t backed this yet, but I’m very close to pulling the trigger on it. There are only 9 days left in the campaign, so check it out if it sounds interesting to you.

Base Pledge is about $92 USD

Chaos Wars 4 – Thunderbolt Mountain Minis

Ah, Ral Partha; the fantasy miniatures that I grew up on. While I still own some Ral Partha minis, I sold a big batch of them (still in blister packs) a few years ago at the flea market of a local HMGS East convention. Most of these minis are true 25mm. I currently play most of my miniature games in 28mm (including heroic 28mm), so most of the old Ral Partha figures look small & slender in comparison.

Color me pleasantly surprised when I saw the new Chaos Wars (Wave 4) kickstarter that’s offering newly sculpted 30mm fantasy miniatures sculpted by the talented Tom Meier.

I really like the look of these new Elves and Goblins. They conjure a very Lord of the Rings feel to me, which is cool, and the scale fits with great with the chunkier minis I prefer.

Really like those Goblins and Elves. The Trolls are funky, but have personality!

Litko Magnetic Base Bottoms

I was running low on adhesive magnetic base bottoms, as well as 80x60mm regiment bases which we use for our fantasy wargames. So, back around Memorial Day I felt it was high time to place a Litko order and restock my supplies. As fate would have it, Litko was having a sale — woohoo! The picture below shows what I bought.

I couldn’t resist a sale!

For my Sword of Severnia fantasy battle game, as well as Warlords of Hexenstein, we base our single units on 80x60mm stands. I use plywood and masonite bases. I then glue an 80x60mm metal base on top of that (you can also use flex steel, another Litko product). For my individual 28mm figures, I stick heavy-duty adhesive magnetic bases to the underside of their bases. The magnetic attraction enables figures to adhere nicely to the regiment stand, which works great when moving troops around in mass-battle games.

The big advantage to this system is that you can easily remove individual figures from their regiment stands and use them in skirmish/warband games where unit-basing isn’t used. For example, I will often pull a bunch of Vikings off their regiment bases to use in SAGA, or remove medieval Knights and Archers to use in a game of Lion Rampant. Being able to get double-duty out of my figures is important to me.


I don’t currently play D&D, but if I still did this Kickstarter project would definitely pique my interest. The Dungenerator is a deck of cards that a GM can use to create on-the-fly dungeon layouts. Rooms connect to each other along one of more sides of each card.

The artwork has a certain bold charm to it, and the concept is simple but useful. These cards might even be useful in games such as Four Against Darkness, Rangers of Shadow Deep (or underground Frostgrave encounters), or any type of skirmish style dungeon adventure.

Until next time, keep on gaming!