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Evolve & Twist

I haven’t posted in a while. Between our 20th wedding anniversary, a vacation in Mexico which was linked to my niece’s wedding, celebrating my wife’s birthday, a winery weekend vacation with good friends, and work stuff, I haven’t had the time or inclination to write anything.

But I did get to play two board games over that timeframe. Woot!

Evolve or Get Eaten!

The first game that I played was Evolution on 6/8/2022. This was played at a local board game night that my friend Kevin and I attended for the first time.

Evolution has a fun dinosaur theme and low-complexity rules. But it’s a game that you need to play regularly in order to know which cards are contained in the deck, and how they synergize to develop a good strategy for gaining points. Making great combos is the key to doing well.

I finished in 2nd place playing with gamers who had played it before, so I felt like I grasped the concepts well enough for my first game. I would definitely play it again; it’s a solid game with multiple paths to victory.

Twist like we did last Summer

This past Thursday evening, I had a terrific time playing Dungeon Twister 2: Prison with my old friend Wally.

Dungeon Twister is one of my favorite 2-player games. It’s not a typical dungeon crawler game. Instead, it’s a thinky 2-player game to see who can escape the dungeon the fastest.

I love the variety of characters and tactics, and the element of surprise (the room reveals, combat cards, room rotations). Just when you think you’ve found an escape route, your opponent twists a room and your best laid plans are foiled. The dice-less combat is fast & deadly; part playing the odds and part bluffing & double-think. Games of Dungeon Twister are never dull; they’re a constantly changing puzzle you’re trying to solve.

I pulled out a hard-won 5-3 victory. It was satisfying. But if Thursday’s game taught me anything, it reminded me that win or lose, we need to play Dungeon Twister much more often. It’s such a well-designed and fun game. I own two expansions to the game, Forces of Darkness and Paladins & Dragons, which add a huge amount of variety to the game with new characters, new items, and new modular board tiles. We need to dive deep into these suckers.

Dungeon Twister is an older game, but you can usually find both the original and 2nd (Prison) editions on eBay. The original edition has the better rulebook and fewer hellish-to-navigate rooms, while the 2nd edition (Prison) has nice miniatures rather than cardboard standees. There’s really no problem mixing & matching the sets; variety is king with this game.

While I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, Dungeon Twister is great if you enjoy mid-weight strategy games featuring spatial reasoning, direct conflict, variable character powers, and an element of puzzle solving. I highly recommend it; it’s in my top 20 games of all-time.