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Kickstarter Radar: March

What has been on my Kickstarter radar of late? Well, from soonest-to-end to many-days-left, here are the projects that caught my interest…

GhosTiny Fine Detail Paint Brushes

For you miniature figure painters out there who always like to add new brushes to your tool kit, this Kickstarter features a new set of 9 Fine Detail Brushes. For $44 you can get this set, plus the stretch goals. This now includes 4 additional Dry Brushes, plus an additional GhosTiny set. That’s excellent bang for your buck.

Tiny Epic Dungeons

The “Tiny Epic” series of games from Gamelyn Games is varied and well respected. I bought a dirt-cheap copy of Tiny Epic Kingdoms at the Flea Market of an HMGS East wargaming convention a couple of years ago, but have yet to play it. I briefly checked out the rules, and the game didn’t immediately click with me. That said, I’d still like to try it.

Enter Tiny Epic Dungeons on Kickstarter. I’ve watched several YouTube rules previews and reviews of the game, and I like what I see of this game. The game play just makes more sense to me than Kingdoms did. I also like that it has miniatures (no surprise there), and any dungeon co-op that you can play in 30 to 60 minutes has great appeal because it’s not a type of game that I already have in my collection.

I’ve reached a stage in life where I try and limit new board game purchases to 4 per year. So, I’ve got to be very picky. But for $40, the all-in-pledge seems like a no-brainer (27K people would agree with me). I didn’t pull the trigger yet, but I’ve got my finger pulling back on it as we speak.


From the same game designer who brought us the lightly themed abstract classic, Santorini, comes Ragnarocks, another cool looking lightly themed abstract. I’m a big fan of 2-player games and I enjoy quick, strategic thinkers (Hive is a personal favorite). Ragnarocks is a 2-player game that takes 20-30 minutes, with a light Norse myth theme, fantastic components, and from a good designer/game-company. Winner winner!

Some folks may not want to play $45 for a light board game, but with really cool components and a seemingly high re-playability factor, that price seems reasonable to me.

Meeples & Monsters

Wow, a bunch of great board games on Kickstarter of late! Of the 3 board games on my radar, Meeples & Monsters is the most iffy buy of the three.

This game looks cool (the meeples with artwork on the sides are neat) and the $49 buy-in is good in this day and age. It’s a competitive bag-builder game for 1-4 players with a “fight the fantasy monsters” theme that plays in an hour. That checks some boxes.

The things that give me pause are as follows. First, one of my best friends who I game with already owns Clank!, which is an excellent deck-builder game. I’m not sure that Meeples & Monsters offers enough excitement to play it over Clank!. Secondly, it was mentioned by one reviewer that the game doesn’t have a definitive count-down timer to force the end of the game. That can easily devolve into an endless optimization exercise where players are continually trying to build the perfect bag of meeples, rather than getting to the end-point. While I like strategy games, I’m not a huge fan of optimization games that trigger analysis-paralysis, as they feel much more like work than fun to me.

Still, it’s worth a look-see.

Fe Fi Fo Fum – Old School Miniatures

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for big, dumb Giants? If you like the aesthetic of old school fantasy miniatures, compared to the overwrought curly-cue abominations on some of GW’s latest models, then give this Kickstarter a look.

I’ve backed one of Jamie’s Kickstarter projects before (for Albert the Forest Troll), and he’s a good guy that makes cool, characterful stuff. Still plenty of time left on this project.

Siege of the Smallfolk

I just stumbled across this Kickstarter tonight from Troll Trader. It’s purpose is to fund a line of new fantasy miniatures. The emphasis here is on Halflings, Ogres, and Goblins.

The figures that caught my attention were the gobbos — they’re great! I’m a HUGE fan of goblins and really like the looks of these little devils.