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Election Diversion

Americans are in a heightened state of anxiety right now. After 2 days, a clear winner has not been declared in the US Presidential race. It’s nip and tuck in several battleground states, and with an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots to count thanks to the impact of Covid-19, it’s likely to be a couple more days until we know the winner. Whether Biden or Trump wins, the only sure thing is that American democracy is more fractured than ever. There isn’t a clear majority, which is a bit surprising to me after 4 years of a Trump presidency that has had far more drama and outrageous antics than anything I’ve ever experienced during my 56 years on this planet.

We can all use a diversion right now. So tonight, I wanted to do a very quick rundown on three excellent looking Kickstarter campaigns that I’ve bookmarked.

Darkest Dungeon

Wow… just wow. The Darkest Dungeon board game looks absolutely fantastic. Funding for it has reached a whopping 4.2 Million dollars as I write this post. This 1-4 player dungeon crawler by Mythic Games is JAM PACKED with tons of super cool, stylistic miniatures. The Core Set will set you back $100, while the Crimson Pledge (Core Set + 1st Expansion) is $150.

I’ve been pulling back the reins on new board game purchases after coming to the realization that I need to start culling my collection. But this game is oh so tempting. Even if I pass on it, it doesn’t mean that YOU should pass too. If you love minis and are looking for an interesting dungeon crawler experience (including something you could play solo), I think this game is a better value than anything else in the genre that I can think of. Give it a serious look.

Raid – A Viking Card Game

Now for something completely different. Raid is a 2-4 micro deckbuilding card game based on Norse mythology that plays in about 20 minutes. The basic Kickstarter edition is a $25 pledge, while the base game + expansion pack is $39.

This one has funded at $59K and has a May 2021 target date — less waiting is a good sign. I’m really digging the art style on this game. My game group could use more light, filler-games that play quickly. And since most card games have high re-playability, those factors, coupled with a low price-tag means there’s a decent chance I will back Raid.

Freedom Five

While my BGG collection indicates that I have over 250 games, I don’t believe that I have any superhero themed games (aside from Marvel Dicemasters which I want to sell off). Enter the new Kickstarter game called Freedom Five, a Sentinel comics game by well-respected designer Richard Launius (who designed Arkham Horror and Defenders of the Realm).

Freedom Five is an evolution of the Defenders of the Realm co-operative style of game. It has evocative, comic book artwork and some large super hero figures to go with it (larger than 54mm army-men). The game play sounds pretty interesting. The Kickstarter edition of the game (with all stretch goals) will set you back $99. I like the looks of this and it has a good game designer behind it, so the appeal is there. Definitely worth a look!