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Random Wandering

In today’s post, I share some random gaming-related tidbits from stuff I’ve found on the web. If you’re already aware of these things, then just ignore me. Otherwise, I may have opened your eyes to something that is new & cool to you.

Gettysburg Miniature Toy Soldiers

Fellow HMGS member Bill Molyneaux created a great little YouTube video where he guides you through a walking tour of a terrific toy soldier shop in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The hobby shop, Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers, is one that I’ve visited a couple of times before, although it has been several years since my last visit.

The shop carries all scales of miniatures, tons of boxed sets, and lots of vintage stuff. Its collection of bagged, plastic toy soldiers is second-to-none, so if you’re a fan of 54mm stuff you absolutely must visit here.

Bill’s video makes me want to drive down to Gettysburg (about a 40-45 minute drive for me) and visit the store this summer. Gotta add this to my calendar!

Google Street View of the Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers shop

New Edition of Ra

Although it has been around since 1999, I have never played Ra, the highly ranked board game designed by Reiner Knizia. Ra is an auction and set collection game with a light theme of Ancient Egypt layered on top. Generally speaking, I’m a fan of Reiner Knizia games, so when he new version of Ra was announced, it piqued my interest.

The crowdfunding campaign for the new version by 25th Century Games is running on the Gamefound platform. The standard edition will run you $40 bucks (USD), while the Deluxe version goes for twice that ($80 USD). The new version looks great, with chunky Ra, Sun Boat, and Sun Disk meeples, and colorful artwork.

As I’ve said so many times before, I already have too many games to play, but I’m seriously tempted to back this new edition of the Knizia classic. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet (wishing one of my friends would – ha!), but there’s only 11 days left to back it. Give it a look-see.

Anything But a One!

I’m not exactly sure when it happened. But at some point a few years ago, I stopped listening to podcasts on a regular basis.

Some of it was due to changes in the host-makeup and the resulting loss of engagement & chemistry that I felt with the new teams. A few podcasts closed shop and their loss was felt deeply; Game On with Cody & John and Gameopolis being two of note. Some evolved into 3-4 hour long behemoths that I just couldn’t listen to in one-sitting, and thus, they lost me as a listener.

But, without a doubt, the biggest reason that I drifted away from listening to podcasts was when Neil Schuck stopped the excellent Meeples & Miniatures podcast. While I didn’t listen to every episode, it was far & away my favorite podcast.

Since then, I’ve moved onto watching various YouTube channels related to gaming. But I still, on occasion, watch for podcasts that might be worth a listen. One that I just came across is a historical miniature wargaming based podcast called Anything But a One! I’ve only scanned through a couple of episodes and listened to snippets to see if it sounds interesting. My initial impression was good, so I think I’ll give this one a try.

Until next time, keep on gaming!

FLGS – Games & Stuff (Glen Burnie, MD)

Last weekend, during a trip with my wife down to Glen Burnie, Maryland (near Baltimore), I had the good fortune of visiting a friendly local game store called GAMES AND STUFF.

What a fabulous store. I just wanted to give them a shout out. Games and Stuff is easily one of the largest game stores that I’ve ever been in. The sheer number of board games that you see upon entering the front-door is amazing, if not a bit overwhelming. Added to that are large sections devoted to role-playing games, card games, and miniatures & hobby supplies. There’s also 8-10 paint-station tables setup for folks to sit down and paint figures. Very cool.

I was especially impressed by how clean, bright, and well maintained the store was. This isn’t a grungy den of geekdom; it’s an inviting store where anyone would feel comfortable shopping.

I also found the staff to be very friendly – they actually took the time to ask if they could help me find anything, which is a small touch that so many FLGS’s fail miserably at.

I ended up buying the Gods of Asgard expansion to Blood Rage, Chaos Dice and Magic Dice sets and a deck of Spell Cards for SAGA Age of Magic, grass tufts for basing, and some primer and paints (a couple of Turbo Dork metallics).

If you’re ever in the Baltimore area, check out Games and Stuff in nearby Glen Burnie. I told my wife that I enjoyed the store so much, I would consider making the 90-minute drive down there for a weekend road-trip just for the fun of it.