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War of the Jade Zodiac Turn-1 Recruits

Here are the recruiting results from Turn-1 of the War of the Jade Zodiac campaign:  

TURKOPOLONIA:  The realm of Turkopolonia warmly welcomes the following new recruits into King Rama Rumm’s army:

Recruited from TE KUITI:

  1. Veteran / Heavy Archers = Te Kuiti Desert Rangers  
  2. Elite / Heavy Archers = The Howling Wind 
  3. Priest = Mustapha Mazet

Recruited from SAHATI PALACE:  

  1. Green / Horde = Dust Legion Alpha   
  2. Regular / Artillery = The Corpse-Maker 
  3. Lord = Rowena the Warrior Queen

May they fight valiantly to honor their venerable King and to rid the world of demonic & scaly enemies once and for all!

BELDARTHIA:  The Lords of Beldarthia call out to its denizens to make ready for war. Answering the call to arms are:

  • 1 unit of VETERAN / HEAVY INFANTRY (Black Elves) from Wodessa
  • 1 unit of REGULAR / HEAVY INFANTRY (Black Elves) from Wodessa. These two units are collectively known as The Spears of Wodessa.
  • 1 HERO (Black Elf, Gladiator) who’s leading these troops to the Dark God’s proving grounds where troops are assembling.

RUT:  GLORT’s Ministry of Non-Human Resources announced that they recently hired:  

  • 2 units of Veteran / Heavy Cavalry (Reptilian) from Troon
  • 1 Priest – A stranger in this land answered the call for a Priest. His name is Shinshoku クック  We don’t understand a word he says but he makes a mighty fine sushi with radish and onion.

EASTERN SCARNISH ALLIANCE:  Without even having to ask, 2 units of artillery from Castlewain have joined the army of Thorvial Brightspear solely due to the justness of his cause and the foulness of his enemies:

  • 1 unit of REGULAR / ARTILLERY from Castelwain = Dragonfang Flingers
  • 1 unit of REGULAR / ARTILLERY from Castelwain = Dwarven Bombasts

So let it be written!

Assyrians have arrived!

I recently won an auction on eBay for some nicely painted ancient Assyrians. These dashing men are Foundry miniatures. There’s one 8-man Heavy Infantry unit, and two 8-man Archer units. A few command figures are included amongst the bunch.

While I don’t play miniature wargames in this historical period (Ancients) at the moment, I bought these figures with the intent of using them as Shahrez (Arabic) warriors of the fictional Turkopolonia empire in my Sword of Severnia fantasy battle game.

After some minor touch-ups of chipped paint (spear shafts & beards), and 1 re-glued shield, here are a few snapshots of these colorful warriors…

You can click the pictures to see larger close-ups of these guys.