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Gunfight Royale

Just stumbled across this Kickstarter last night and it looks really cool: Gunfight Royale.

The game is by Forrest Harris of Knuckleduster Miniatures, a game company whose true bread & butter is old west style miniature gaming.

I’ve always had a passing interest in old west shootouts, but never devoted the effort to collect the figures, terrain, or rules for the period. But man, when I saw the Gunfight Royale game, something just clicked with me. Here’s a lighthearted game (with cartoon like gunfighters) that’s tactical & thematic, and has everything you need to play all in one box.

The 12 core characters look great. There’s also a bonus Anti-Hero gunslinger (he looks just like Clint Eastwood). And if you back the game at the $65 level like I did, you get an additional 9 characters including the Giant, Prospector, Phantom, Legend, and Mountain Man who are all really cool in their own right.

You can also download the Rulebook in PDF format to get a look at the game play. I did a very quick look-see and liked what I saw.

Definitely worth a look.