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Stormin’ Normans

While I paint my own wargaming figures occasionally and enjoy it, it’s not viable for me to assemble and paint a wide variety of armies quickly. First, I paint way too slowly. I know that I could get faster by painting more often and by being less fussy about it, but facts are facts. It’s something to aspire to. I also spend most of my hobby time designing and playing games (especially the former). That doesn’t leave as much time for painting as I need, and I haven’t figured out how to distort the space/time continuum yet.

So, that means I’m always looking to buy nicely painted figures to flesh out various armies & warbands in various periods/genres. At the moment, I’m looking to collect painted figures to build both Late Roman and Norman warbands for SAGA. I already have a nice Viking warband.

My SAGA opponent, Kevin, has Anglo-Saxon / Anglo-Dane and Irish warbands. I wanted to pull together two more armies so that we can get a buddy (or two) to join us for some SAGA battles, and so we have more armies to play with. We can also easily use these armies for Lion Rampant, when the extended Version 2 book that includes the Dark Ages (and more) is released this summer. Plus, they all work as various human races in my Sword of Severnia fantasy battle game too.

Anyway… I was finally able to snag my first set of Normans off eBay from a seller in Canada. These are Victrix miniatures and I like the dynamic poses. There are two infantry units of 10 soldiers each, so 20 figures overall. That’s a good start for a SAGA warband. Progress!