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Yeti Bonanza

There’s nothing like a pending tabletop wargame with my friends to spur me to paint a little bit faster and finish off some projects that have been hanging around my painting queue in various states of near completion.

I took off work on Friday, and two of my old friends are coming over to my house to play a game of Gnome Wars in my game loft. My friend Kevin owns a large number of painted Gnome Wars figures and this gives him a chance to break out his toys and engage in some gnome carnage.

My set of painted gnomes is much smaller than Kev’s. I’ve got a couple of units of Swiss infantry with blunderbusses and a bunch of German bunny cavalry, but my other stuff is still unpainted metal. Gotta fix that, especially since we use these gnomes in our Sword of Severnia battles too. Since Kevin is developing a winter-themed scenario, I offered to finish off a set of Yetis that were close to being done, as well as a giant Abominable Snowman. I figured they could make an appearance in the frosty lands where the battle is supposed to take place.

So here they are… FINISHED Yetis and the Abominable Snowman… Woohoo!!! I’m happy to have completed some open projects. Now I just have to keep focusing on polishing off the close-to-done stuff and I’ll feel better about things.

By the way, these are West Wind figures from their Vampire Wars range. The Abominable Snowman is a Safari toy figure (he came pre-painted, but was basically medium gray and his other colors were very muted so I re-painted him and gave him a wargame base).

Gotta paint more often and finish the other stuff that’s nearly done in my queue (several Trolls, several units of Rat-Men, a trio of Mummies, a big Dire Troll, a Cyclops I’m repainting, a pair of dungeon rooms, a Stone Skull terrain piece, a handful of old Ral Partha Chaos Knights, and oh yeah – the last 5% of some Swiss Gnomes). I recently started painting 11 Anubi warriors (Crocodile Games minis), so they’re in the forefront of this mix too because I want to use them in my Crown of Severnia campaign army. Not to mention the 50 other things fighting for my attention.

I know, I know…. Baby steps.