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Kickstarter Watch: 10/11

Ice Wilds Scenery – Monster Fight Club

Monster Fight Club, a fairly new company that produces nice looking scenery for tabletop wargaming and adventure gaming, has an active Kickstarter for their new Ice Wilds winter terrain. This looks really cool (get it?), but with only 40 hours left on the campaign, time is running out to back it.

Time of the Orcs – Crooked Dice

I really like the look of the old-school 28mm Orcs being released by Crooked Dice. Being an Orc lover and this being “Orctober” and all, I’m oh so very tempted to back these. What’s giving me pause is that I recently kickstarted Pig-Faced Orcs from RBJ. To add to those lovely unpainted greenskins, I purchased a bunch of fabulous Warmonger War Orcs late last year, and have a warband of nifty Dark Fable Orcs from a Kickstarter in 2018 — all unpainted. They’re all in line to be painted one of these days, but boy oh boy, that’s a lot of Orcs! But that doesn’t mean you guys should miss out, so give these figures a look. They’re also offering a truly tremendous tribe of Ogres, and other good stuff as well.

Barbaric Splendor Personalities 3

Fancy some scantily clad barbarians for your role-playing adventures or skirmish wargames? This new Kickstarter by Barbaric Splendor might fit the bill. The Dweller in the Ruins looks wicked, and the art for the dagger-wielding Priestess (I prefer the clothed one) and the Wolfman are both quite promising. Worth a look.

Stackable Display Cases – Cobalt Keep

For those of us with lots of painted minis, but lacking glass cabinets to store & display them, these stackable acrylic display cases for wargaming miniatures are interesting. I do have one display cabinet (which I took down a few years ago when I moved house and never got around to putting back up on the wall — Note to Self!!!). But most of my other painted minis are stored on shelves in Really Useful Boxes. While that’s a great storage solution, I would like to be able to see more of them. These display cases are definitely worth looking into.