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Stormin’ Normans

While I paint my own wargaming figures occasionally and enjoy it, it’s not viable for me to assemble and paint a wide variety of armies quickly. First, I paint way too slowly. I know that I could get faster by painting more often and by being less fussy about it, but facts are facts. It’s something to aspire to. I also spend most of my hobby time designing and playing games (especially the former). That doesn’t leave as much time for painting as I need, and I haven’t figured out how to distort the space/time continuum yet.

So, that means I’m always looking to buy nicely painted figures to flesh out various armies & warbands in various periods/genres. At the moment, I’m looking to collect painted figures to build both Late Roman and Norman warbands for SAGA. I already have a nice Viking warband.

My SAGA opponent, Kevin, has Anglo-Saxon / Anglo-Dane and Irish warbands. I wanted to pull together two more armies so that we can get a buddy (or two) to join us for some SAGA battles, and so we have more armies to play with. We can also easily use these armies for Lion Rampant, when the extended Version 2 book that includes the Dark Ages (and more) is released this summer. Plus, they all work as various human races in my Sword of Severnia fantasy battle game too.

Anyway… I was finally able to snag my first set of Normans off eBay from a seller in Canada. These are Victrix miniatures and I like the dynamic poses. There are two infantry units of 10 soldiers each, so 20 figures overall. That’s a good start for a SAGA warband. Progress!

Oddz & Endz – July 2021

Here’s another, random, brain-dumping post of the sort that I do from time to time. Oftentimes I find that these type of posts help clear my mind of all the wacky hobby debris that has accumulated there. Hope you find something useful in my blabbering.

8-in-1 Dice

I’m a sucker for weird dice. Precis Intermedia sell these unusual 8-in-1 dice that combine the functionality of a standard D6 with averaging-dice, D2, D3, 2D6, +/- Fate Dice, Directional, and Yes/No + Conditional dice.

I just purchased a set of four dice yesterday.

There’s a range of cool uses for these in existing tabletop games and new game designs. Really can’t wait to get my hands on these and try them out.

8-in-1 Dice by Precis Intermedia

Ravenfeast – Viking Age Rules

As a self-confessed wargames rules junkie I’m always excited when a new set of rules catches my attention. A few months ago, I became aware of a free set of Viking era wargame rules released by the guys at Little Wars TV. The rules are called Ravenfeast.

The title of this game sounded very familiar to me. Reading more about it, I came to realize that I had come across these rules many years ago on a hobbyist web site that’s defunct. They were written by a gentleman named Al Halden, a Pennsylvania wargamer, and were a variant of the One Page Fantasy Skirmish Rules written by John David Slor.

Perhaps even more interesting, I’m quite certain that my friend Kevin and I played a viking battle using these very rules during an HMGS East wargaming convention years ago. It makes perfect sense given that the games author was from Pennsylvania and a member of a local gaming club that does a lot of historical wargaming.

I recall that the rules were relatively simple, and the game was fun & bloody. If you’re looking for something light and simple to play, especially as a convention game or a way to introduce new/casual gamers to the wargaming hobby, these rules are worth a look.

Space Crocs & Lion Dog Cavalry

Warlord Games has some new releases available for pre-order this weekend. Two really cool things caught my attention:

<> Klegg – large, mercenary space lizardmen that resemble crocodiles with rifles. These models are frickin’ fantastic. Months ago, I said that I wanted to mix pulp sci-fi wargaming into the games that I play with my friends. I’m firmly in the “bring your own models” camp, playing games that take a broad brush approach to sci-fi, rather than a specialized mass-market game requiring its own models to play (i.e. Infinity, Kill Team, Gates of Antares, etc.). New releases like the Klegg are getting me more excited to make sci-fi games happen.

The Klegg – Warlord Games

<> Komainu Lion Dogs – statue guardians of Japanese shrines that come to life, serving as cavalry mounts for Samurai warriors. I’ve seen something like these before, although I can’t put my finger on where. But knowing that Warlord makes these means they’ll be accessible. Do I need to add Lion-Dogs as a creature/mount option in Sword of Severnia? Maybe. These are appealing to me.