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To Post or Not to Post…

What’s more important, writing more detail and posting less often, or posting more often and writing less detail? It’s something that I struggled with the last time I was blogging.

I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a one-size fits all right answer for everyone. But there might be a right answer for me. You ultimately have to find what works for you and roll with it. And I think, the right answer might be post more but write less.

Why is this the right approach for me? It stems from my prior experience as a blogger. I wanted to write bigger, longer, more in-depth posts for my blog. At times, I did just that. Those posts weren’t gargantuan in size by any means, but they weren’t three paragraphs accompanied by twenty pictures either. That fit my personality well, since by nature, I’m a detail oriented person who dives into a topic deeply when I’m truly interested in it.

The problem with my prior blogging approach was that I constantly struggled to find something meaty to post about, and when I couldn’t find those worthy gems on a regular basis, I simply stopped writing altogether. It’s the all-too-common “if I don’t have something captivating to say, then why bother saying anything at all” school of thought that hampers many people.

I think I might be falling into that trap again. And I need to stop it if I want this blog to survive. After all, this isn’t my day job and I’m not trying to solve serious world problems here. I’m simply trying to spread some joy and insights into my hobbies. So as they say, perhaps less is more. It’s better to keep momentum going by writing short posts, but doing it frequently. I’m going to make that my new goal. Let’s see if I can make it happen.

Today’s Quick Thoughts

I don’t currently play any RPG’s. I’ve been tempted to dip my toes back into the waters from time to time. What holds me back is that I’m usually the Dungeon Master, and I greatly prefer developing my own adventures, NPC’s, maps, and worlds, and that’s a lot of work if you really want to do it right. But man, there’s so much more helpful material out there for DM’s nowadays than there was 30-40 years ago. Tabletop Gaming Magazine has a really cool sounding, system agnostic set of magazines called the Dungeon Master’s Guide to Roleplaying. Worth checking out if you’re an RPG player.

The new, 2nd Edition of Frostgrave is set to drop soon. Despite the fact that I love Frostgrave (probably my favorite fantasy skirmish game), the reality is that my gaming group simply needs to play wargames more regularly before it becomes a worthwhile purchase. Covid-19 has killed our face-to-face gaming. Once we start playing face-to-face again, we need to squeeze games of Frostgrave, SAGA, Lion Rampant, What a Tanker!, Thud & Blunder, Wings of War, Space Hulk, Rangers of Shadowdeep, and a yet-to-be decided Pulp game (Fistful of Lead?), around our regular sessions of Sword of Severnia which is what we play most often. First Edition Frostgrave works just fine for now. That said, I’ll eventually buy it. If you’ve never played Frostgrave, then I highly recommend going out and buying this new 2nd Edition. The designer is a nice guy who really supports his game, and you’ll have a ton of fun with it.